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My goal is to provide the right services
when you need them
to achieve results faster.

Contact me for pricing information.

Data Analysis using Excel


  • Developing executive dashboards

  • Financial, marketing and sales data analysis - see example

  • Measuring and developing key performance indicators


Training: Leadership and MS Office


  • MS Office Training: Group and one-to-one - see example

  • MS Office Training planning, design, development and implementation

  • Leadership development and training


Coaching: MS Office


  • MS Excel spreadsheet planning and design

  • MS PowerPoint presentation planning and design

Creative Services: Presentations and Manuals


  • Creative services to develop/update MS PowerPoint presentations

  • Writing and editing manuals using MS Word - see example


Your InfoExpress Virtual Business Consultant is available from virtually any location via email or phone.

No project is too large or too small!

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