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"Here's what our customers are saying about us."

“Sharon can be your support for all things Excel and Power Point. See how she can take this task off your plate!” - President, Accounting Firm

"Thank you so much for the presentation this morning.  I got such great feedback, I really don’t think that I have ever seen this group so engaged. I am so grateful that you did this. It was so good." - Membership Development Associate, Boca Chamber of Commerce

"My client billing was taking so much time.  My employees work on the same accounts, but when they entered the activity on the Excel time sheet, they used a different spellings for the client name.  Some used abbreviations.  This meant client names had to be cleaned up to ensure correct billing. 


The solution was to use Excel’s ability to select names from a drop-down list with the Data Validation feature.  Sharon setup this capability from a cleaned up list of clients.  This saves us five hours per month for end-of-month client billing. 

Sharon also discovered we were manually calculating the number of hours worked on each task.  She added a formula to automatically calculate hours worked, another big time saving!" -  President, Accounting Firm


“Sharon and I worked together on human resources business process optimization project. Sharon had excellent attention to detail, met and exceeded key project milestones and was a great thought partner in addressing business process challenges. I would highly recommend Sharon for any type of project work whether it be business analytics, coordination, workflow and business process documentation.”  - Fortune 100 Project Manager

“Sharon provided leadership in the vendor selection process for a replacement application and highly effective in developing various types of procedure manuals and system documentation. Had a can-do attitude and motivated to complete projects on time.” -  Major School District IT PMO Director

“Sharon’s class was great.  Within purchasing we use many spreadsheets to help us analyze data which in turn helps us to make decisions on cost savings.  This particular class helped me with creating a more efficient way to analyze data over multiple worksheets.”  - Credit Union Purchasing Manager

"I knew that Excel could do what I needed to do, but I would never have been able to implement the complicated formulas required for my project without Sharon.  I have used these formulas over and over, and as examples for new formulas, saving many, many, hours of work." - Webmaster, Non-profit

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