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Are you familiar with using Excel’s Data Filtering capability to quickly analyze your data? What if you have a file with 25,000 rows of data and you would like to just review specific rows, such as purchases for Restaurant Location Orlando?

By filtering information in a worksheet, you can find values quickly. You can filter on one or more columns of data. This Excel tip will explain how to filter the data so that you can easily analyze just a specific subset of data. Filtering will only display records that meet certain criteria. It temporally hides any records that do not meet the criteria.

InfoExpress Excel Data Filtering Tip
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Excel Tip: Quickly enter a series of dates, times, weekdays, months, or years using the Autofill feature. For example, you can enter January in a cell, and then fill the cells below or to the right with February, March, etc.

To use Autofill, first select the data which we need to fill down below and then click and drag the pointer, which is located at the bottom right corner, to all subsequent cells. In the example below on the left, the fill handle is highlighted in the red circle. In the middle picture, notice as I drag the fill handle down 2 cells the word March appears. Release the mouse click and the months are filled in.

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PowerPoint Tip: Are you still using the same basic layouts and color schemes for your presentations? If so, try one of the many bold themes to create a vibrant presentation! PowerPoint includes themes that use bright colors and textured backgrounds. You can find the themes on the Design tab. Experiment to see what your presentation would look like using these themes, like the ones below.

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