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plans & pricing (obsolete)

"How often do you need help?"

Once a Week

Once a Week

A Few Times a Week

$250 Monthly

Every Day

$675 Monthly

$1200 Monthly

Requests a Month

Requests a Month

Requests a Month

  • Standard requests are 60 minutes of work. 

  • You can submit requests by phone, text or email

  • Standard requests will generally be answered within 24 hours (typically we get back to you much faster than that!)

  • What if the request requires more than 60 minutes of work?

  • Send it in anyway and  we will assess how much time it will take and use the appropriate amount of requests to complete the job. We will confirm with you before moving forward.

Special assignments and projects

We will work with you to develop a statement of work and a quotation for services.

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